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Wrinkles R Awesome

The more wrinkles- the more character

Jamal- 1st Volunteer

This was my first attempt to drawing a person in watercolor…a success!

2nd try @ Wrinkles- but in Watercolor!

Below is a picture of my landlord, Nabil. He was kind enough to let me draw him. Although he was moving around some, he was easy to work with as a model.

Nabil- completed in an Hour.

For a while now I’ve been wanting to draw a picture of my father. It’s what motivated me to start drawing. Unfortunately I can never have my dad pose as a live model but it won’t stop me from drawing him.¬† I hope to draw many pictures of this man and I hope that eventually it will be embedded in my sense memory to the point where¬† I won’t need a picture to remember his well missed face.


Watercolor Intro

Danny (watercolor and charcoal)

Boy's Gorgeous Body (charcoal & watercolor bkgd)


I used charcoal and pastel to create this beauty.

charcoal with pastel

It’s from a picture taken of me at a Beatles Party I went to…it was a night that changed my life.

p.s. I dont smoke. it was only for the photo.

My inspiration

5 Minute Sketch

In-class & Completed @ Home

Shading could always use a little more work.

Not satisfied.

First Model

Shown are a rough couple timed sketches to help us practice drawing faster.

10 Minute Sketch

5-10 minute Sketch

In-class & completed # home

Hw: My hand- My foot.

In-class we drew each other’s nose/ear/and side profile of the eye.

Lara's Ear

Lara's Nose

I forget who's Eye.

Homework for that night…a profile picture


Close-Up of Riad’s Eye

The Skeleton

First we gathered around the skull and focused on the shading.

then we did the hand.

We decided its a girl and her name is Murdered Mary. Goodness grace. what are the chances of finding a real life skeleton in a box

well we did and we continued drawing her foot.

and for homework

the whole body….well whatever we could fit on the page.

and my first time…looking at myself for longer than a haircut.

What I learned: shading can make your look a hell of a lot older.

What to improve about this: the nose is too long. next portrait.

My First Sketch

My first contact with Charcoal

After learning the face structure proportions, our first assignment was to draw another classmate. I realized at the end of class, one goal I want/need to focus on was my timing. Of course, she’s not done, but I left it is as a reminder. I also realized something about my drawing habits..the more intricate the body part of focus, the more I enjoy drawing it. e.g. look @ her eyes and compare it to her mouth.

The picture below is a close up of her eyes..I think I enjoy drawing eyes most.